Our Story


"We believe in a world where our choices matter"

“The choices we make should be a reflection of what we value” ~ Christal Earle, Founder and CEO

Our Story

As the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization, Christal Earle had been working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers since 2005 on the north coast of Dominican Republic. Among everything else in that garbage dump, there was also an overwhelming amount of tires. They were a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases and they were a toxic nightmare.

In 2010, an unexpected turn of events in Christal’s journey left her facing the fact that she was going to have to rebuild her life between two countries. She was now torn between Canada, where her career was based, and the Dominican Republic where her adopted daughter couldn’t leave.

In early 2017, the idea struck for the first time. Why not use tires for soles on beautiful handmade shoes - and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process?

The ability to ask a different question has led us on this journey that continues to expand and grow. It's not just our story, nor is it a tire's story.

This is the story of people like you: people who know they want to be proud of their choices. Our team ebbs and flows and covers many generations of people from many different parts of the world.

All of us have stories and reasons for why we do what we do. And all of us have one thing in common: we are curious and inspired by the continuing question of how we can create something that is a growing reflection of our love for people and planet.