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Your soul will feel good in Brave Soles.

Our choices are a reflection of what we value.

At Brave Soles we value people, our planet and the legacy we are leaving long after we are gone. The false perception that we deserve to get everything cheaper and faster has a cost that we can no longer afford to pay as a global community. In the end, it's the most vulnerable people and environments who pays the highest price for it all.

our story

Kindness to the earth through sustainable practices

By using old tires that would otherwise pile up in a giant landfill, Brave Soles reduces waste and environmental impact. The discarded tires are upcycled into shoe soles, and ethically-sourced, premium quality leather is used. Each pair of shoes is hand-crafted without any chemical processing and creates meaningful work opportunities for skilled laborers struggling to access global markets.

Impact Report

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