Free shipping to Canada and the U.S. on orders over $99. Free shipping internationally on orders over $125

All Kits include our bestselling styles, easy to use marketing materials, display items, your personal URL, stock & lifestyle photos and more.

'Your selection' kit

You know your client more than we do. You get to personnalize your kit and get what you really think you will sell.

500$ USD value of 1,000$

8 pairs of shoes
2 big purses
3 clutches
3 wallets

The 'Market ready' kit

Already taken care of, you can make sure you will sell these best sellers.

900$ USD value of 1,800$

12 pairs of shoes
4 big purses
5 clutches
4 wallets

Your 'Deluxe' kit

This kit allows you to have enough products to show up at markets, launch a home storefront or simply be prepared with a healthy amount of Brave Soles stock to get started.The perfect way to insure you won't miss out on any possible sale!

1,200$ USD value of $2,400

12 pairs of shoes
3 big purses
5 clutches
9 wallets


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