Brave Soles Indie Sales Team

We are excited to announce that we have launched our Brave Soles Indie Sales Team.

Do you want to be on our team?

Are you:

  • Passionate about fashion and making better choices?
  • You're flexible and forward thinking?
  • Someone who likes to live life on their own terms while staying connected to something bigger?
  • Looking to create a second income or go hard and generate your own business with something that is helping to make a difference in the world?

You can represent us where ever you are, however you'd like as one of our Indie Sales Team members.

Our indie sales team members pop up in markets, house parties, social media advertising, and anywhere there are people who need to know about Brave Soles.

"Indie" means your independent, but it doesn't mean you are left on your own. Our team is going to have your back every step of the way, providing you with support, training and the resources you need to create your own version of success with Brave Soles.


Here's How We Do It With You:

1. We don't have complicated sales structures.

We want to make money and create success with you right from the beginning. All you need to start with is a minimum order of $299 USD of the product of your choice, which you will get at 30% off our suggested retail prices.

2. After the first initial order, our Indie Sales Team Members buy all stock at 30 % off, always.

We will give you recommendations for our most popular items and can customize your orders with you to suit your area and your market.

However, there is one big vision goal we set for our team members. For every calendar month that a team member sells $2500 USD, we provide a 40 % commision.

3. You will have your own website URL for you to promote your Brave Soles items.

We provide all logos, images and even social media support to help you get started. For brand consistency, you will be asked to use our approved photos and logos that we will share with you on google drive for any social media posts.

We will create a Facebook page for you specifically for you specifically for Brave Soles and your products being sold.

4. You will be given jpegs for your own business cards if you choose to print them.

5. Our fee and payment structure will remain simple and uncomplicated.

You will always get 30 % off any merchandise you buy for yourself or your stock. You will receive 20 % of the revenue of any orders we fulfil that you do not have on hand.

6. By matching our suggested retail prices, you will not have to worry about what you will make.

You can make your sales however you choose: markets, house parties, online sales, social media, live events, etc. Your commision will always match our suggested retail prices.

    Important: Brave Soles reserves the right to host online sales events or coupon codes for our direct shopping clients. ***

7. You can pay for your orders in two payments.

Your first payment will be due on the day of the order and you will get up to 30 days to complete your second instalment.

8. We will provide you with video and live training.

This training will include:

how to display the products to catch the eye of the customers and set up your table. how to promote your Brave Soles and build connections locally how to build and maintain your FB page and website

9. Our Indie Sales Team members have complete access to our Brave Soles Sales Representative, Kaitlin for all questions and help.

10. Did we mention that you will get a $50 gift card for becoming an Indie Sales Rep? You will :)

What is the benefit of becoming a Brave Soles Indie Sales Rep?

Firstly, you are making a difference in the world and supporting sustainable fashion.

Secondly, you are helping our foundation and providing income and employment for those living in the developing third world country. Not only are you becoming a part of something great, you are becoming part of a team, and our Brave Soles family.

Thirdly, our team members get to meet great people along the way and grow with our social enterprise as we continue to develop!



  • How will I handle all my orders and payments?

You will be set up with a wholesale login through our system. It is super easy to use and will be easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet or laptop at any time.

You will also have your own URL for customers to use, so your orders will be credited to you all the time.

  • What's the difference between shopping online and at a house party and/or event?

Shopping online can be great! Sitting at home in your pyjamas with a coffee cup in hand while you shop away, can be perfect, but... sometimes people want the personal experience. They may like to ask questions and learn more about the product before they buy it.

Markets and events can be a great outlet for sales. You can meet people, explain our social enterprise and our story and why you are a part of it all. People can really get a feel for what we are about!

House parties are always fun. With close friends and inspiring shopping items, people are inspired to shop and think differently. You are a part of that as one of our team members.  

  • Can they take home the product they buy right away?

Sure they can! That is if their size and colour combo are in your stock! If not, the order will be placed with us, and you will still receive 20% commision. They will have their items in 1-3 weeks, depending on their location for shipping.


Still have more questions? No problem!

Book a phone call/ chat with Kaitlin Tinis and have your questions answered quickly: