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Our Story

As the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization, Christal Earle had been working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers since 2005 on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

Among everything else in that garbage dump, there was also an overwhelming amount of tires. They were a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases and they were a toxic nightmare.

In 2010, an unexpected turn of events in Christal’s journey left her facing the fact that she was going to have to rebuild her life between two countries. She was now torn between Canada, where her career was based ,and Dominican Republic where her adopted daughter couldn’t leave.

In early 2017, the idea struck for the first time. Why not use tires for soles on beautiful hand made shoes - and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process?

The ability to ask a different question has led us on this journey that continues to expand and grow.
It's not just our story, nor is it a tire's story.

This is the story of a lot of people like you: people who know they want to be proud of their choices.

The choices we make should be a reflection of what we value.

Conscious Fashion at good price
Power of your choices
Be proud of what you own
Christal Earle

Christal Earle
Founder, CEO

As our founder and chief optimist, Christal  calls both Toronto and Cabarete, D.R. home. From starting a global charity in 2000 to living between two countries since 2010 because of an international immigration situation gone sideways, she has kind of done it all.

Brave Soles was born out of her love for both people and planet...and great shoes ;)

Scania Rodriquez
Retail Manager, Dominican Republic

As one of 8 kids, Scania knows a little bit about sharing resources effectively :) Born and rasied on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Scania is a proud single mom of three kids, a supportive sister and aunt, and a dedicated daughter.

Her work with Brave Soles provides us all with the confidence that things are actually going to get taken care of, no matter how crazy they may get at times ;)

Kaitlin Tinis
Director of Customer Experience

As our Director of Customer Experience, Kaitlin gets to do what she loves most: talking to people and making sure they love what they own.  She is our friendly voice that is focused on making sure your feet and heart are happy :)

Kaitlin has been a professional dance teacher for many years and continues to teach in her spare time. As a western Canadian, she believes in the term "supper" over "dinner", in the practical power of a ponytail bun and that we should all just relax and enjoy life a little bit more.

Augusto Rosales
Carol Vickers
Sarah Jean Harrison

Augusto Rosales
Director of Design and Photography

Augusto is the reason we have such great photography, classic designs, and behind the scenes flow.

Originally from Mexico City, his Spanish skills have also played a huge part in making sure we actually say what we mean to say with our suppliers and team in Dominican Republic :)

Carol Vickers
Company Culture

Carol is the glue that helps us work together and stay on track. As a certified coach with a Masters in Leadership, Carol helps us stay close to our why and clear on who we want to become. 

She is a voice of wisdom, a sounding board and sometimes a gentle nudge to consider things from a different perspective.

Sarah Jean Harrison
Social Media Guru
Sarah Jean is the co-founder of Peace Flag House and her life's work has been focused on helping to create social change through first understanding what needs to be done.

Her wit and charm always shines through her work...and her love for a great cup of tea or glass of wine is what fuels the ideas that often result in great projects!

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