Earth Day has been around for a long time.

But when is the last time you did something to actually make it more real for YOU?

The Brave Soles Lindas resting on a fence post in tall grass

Our home is a gift and earth day is about celebrating this gift.

But, quite frankly, guilt and bad news coming at you over and over again is not very inspiring. 

When you feel like something is obligatory or performative, it no longer feels like you are celebrating a gift.  In fact, it may only serve to increase your anxiety and sense of helplessness.

But you know what defeats a sense of helplessness? Taking inspired action! 

In honour of our love for the earth that we all share, we wanted to share three great ways to do Earth Day better for yourself this year. They are simple, but they are also capable of creating new ways of thinking. 

And those new ways of thinking can turn into something that you can actually want to do. (See where we are going with this ;) 

Here's three great places to start for new insights on making every day a great Earth Day.

1. Check out this easy Personal Fashion Footprint Calculator

Thredup's Fashion Footprint Calculator

Knowledge is power.

This simple fashion footprint calculator from Thredup is a great place to simply get an idea of the direct impact of your choices. 

It also has great inspiration for how to learn more about what matters to you. 

The truth may hurt, but it can also set you free 😊

2. Know any good menders? Help Contribute to this global project!

Visible Menders is a global project that anyone can contribute to. 

The concept is simple, but super helpful if you are someone who believes in taking care of what you own.

Here's how they talk about what they do:

For millennia, mending and repair were intrinsic to material culture, as they still are in many parts of the world. But in (over)developed societies, discarding goods remains socially accepted behavior, often disguised as decluttering or donation.

In response, a grass roots repair movement is growing, encompassing sock darning to repair cafés to groups lobbying against planned obsolescence.But the movement, being multi-sited and localized, can be difficult to access or quantify, and participation privileges prosperous populations with issues of oversupply rather than poverty.

This project envisions a global spread. The map provides structure and distributes knowledge by making mending visible, promoting collaboration in care and repair in all corners of the Earth.

Know someone who does mending? Add them to the map. 

Need somethind mended? Check out their suggestions based on their global map. 

3. Check out this AMAZING list of vintage and second hand shops all over the map!

Thredup's Fashion Footprint Calculator

Hands up if you love a good treasure hunt!!!

We are still in awe of how thorough this incredible list is that has been tirelessly compiled by Emily Stochl from the Pre-Loved podcast. 

From markets to online vendors, she's got you covered.

If your heartbeat quickens when you hear the words, vintage, thrift, or pre-loved, you are going to want to bookmark this link and get your circular economy game going strong 💚

Earth Day matters because we matter. Our kids matter. Our future matters. Our ocean, rivers, forests and living space matters. 

Happy Earth Day. Happy every day.