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Sanah Sharma on How Fashion can Be Made from Nothing 

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Zero Waste Fashion

is not an easy undertaking.

Many of us will never even think about what is left behind on the cutting floor.

However, for Sanah Sharma, that's all she can think about. Based out of Chennai, India, Sanah is creating fashion that we are proud to talk about and share. It's beautiful, it's inspiring, and it is truly zero waste. 

80% of a Product's Environmental Impact is Determined at the Design Stage

While in her last year of design school in 2014, Sanah created her own cutting technique that she calls "Planar Flux". 

Her method was inspired by concepts in physics like the Mobius strip. By applying it to garment patterns to reduce waste, material consumption, cutting, and sewing it created more efficiency.

This finding was the real catalyst that drove her to start her label in 2018:

"I always wanted to start an independent label but I also knew that it had to have a higher purpose and a more holistic calling. So once I had refined the technique I knew that I had to send it out into the world.

We are environment-lovers making human-centric designs that are engineered for higher sustainability indices. We're also little science geeks and we refer to our studio as 'The Lab'. We believe that when everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion, including us, why should our clothes be designed statically? For this we have introduced Human Kinetics into our designs.

Every design goes through various tests in a virtual environment like Virtual Garment Fit Map (VGFM) and Movement Allowance Test (MAT) to ensure that the wearer can stretch, sit, dance, jump - enjoy the human experience.

Our team works relentlessly to spread our message through the work we do. Appreciating their efforts and giving them their due credit is important to us as- not just a brand but as people. This is why each garment that is crafted carries the name of its maker on the hangtag.

I personally cut every garment to ensure there is less to no waste. I also am many times involved in the sewing process. I believe this encourages a sense of inclusivity and helps strip down the unnecessary boundaries of hierarchy in an organisation. It definitely also helps generate a lot of positive energy in the workplace."

I (Christal) was really excited when I discovered Sanah's new line,  MADE FROM NOTHING:

MFN is a series of stories that became and continue to become garments. The garments are made by upcycling sarees and textile scraps and is completely zero-waste. It follows a very experimental design process making each piece crafted one-of-its-kind in the world. Several pieces have been made by cutting the textile to a piece of music instinctively and then combining the pieces again in an intuitive and instinct-led manner. 

The fabric of our universe has infinite ideas and potentials that float within our cosmic realm, finding expression through various channels. I like to think of myself as one such channel. ~ Sanah Sharma

Sanah Sharma

Here are some of my personal favourites from Sanah's new designs, all crafted in Chennai, India...

Sanah Sharma
Sanah Sharma
Sanah Sharma

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