Good People Doing Good Things:
Meet Cassandra Ciarallo

ATthe core of who we are, we love stories. Something resonates inside of us when we hear someone else's story and it has the power to awaken our ability to dream and consider what's possible. Part of our mission at Brave Soles is to provide our community the opportunity to learn and fall in love with people we have come to love and appreciate for what they bring to the world.

Cassandra Ciarallo is one of those people.

As the founder of Chic Made Consciously, she sat down with us to share what inspires her and her brand.

The Passionate Change Maker Behind Chic Made Consciously

In the summer of 2014, Cassandra travelled across South East Asia, pursuing her passion of immersing with different cultures and exploring the world. She became inspired and fascinated by the art, culture and lifestyle in Asia, especially Bali, Indonesia.

One of her favourite cities in Bali was Ubud, where artisans, craftsmen, and painters filled the streets. As she came across a shop called 'Oh Waste', she met artisan Dana who was upcycling accessories from tire inner tubes. She fell in love with his magnificent work and was invited to spend the day creating and working with the material herself.

Cassandra was so inspired by Dana's passion to make change in his homeland and give waste a new life. This sparked a fire inside of her and she eagerly wanted to be a part of this movement.

Since 2016, Cassandra has been working with the team at ArtCycle Bali to distribute their handcrafted accessories to the North American market. She also designed her first collection in 2017.

Since then she has collaborated with other global artisans around the world who are repurposing unique materials such as brass from war remnants and textile waste in Cambodia.

At the core, Cassandra's story is about the power of our creativity to help transform a history into hate into a future of love, equality and dignity.

" Our mission is is to disrupt fast fashion with a conscious alternative. By offering fashionable and sustainable accessories that make a difference in the lives of our global artisan partners as well as repurposed to help our planet, we are proving there is a different - and better - way to do business."

That way is is found for her through equity and relationships.
In fact, Cassandra believes that one of the greatest strengths of what Chic Made Consciously is about is building relationships with global artisans who are finding creative ways to repurpose waste.  Her collections are a reflection of love for both makers and customers, recognizing everyone's unique story and journey.

As you can imagine, that's why we love her so much at Brave Soles ;)

Here are some of our favourite items that
Chic Made Consciously has out this year:

Iris Bracelet chic made consciously
eternal scarf chic made consciously

IRIS upcycled brass bracelet crafted in Cambodia from war from unexploded war remnants and bullet casings. 

ETERNAL scarf hand crafted from zero waste textile reclaimed from Cambodia.

Droplet Earrings Chic Made Consciously

DROPLET EARRINGS hand crafted from upcycled tire inner tubes from Indonesia. 

This blog is part of a series we are doing here at Brave Soles called "Good People Doing Good Things." 

It takes courage to stay the course and stay true to your values and vision.  Now, more than ever, we believe in the power of raising our voices, passion and attention to GOOD PEOPLE DOING GOOD THINGS.

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