The Brave Soles Sustainable Impact Report

Co-Creating the future through
ethical employment
and enterprise


Fashion is important to us.

However, people are the most important part of what Brave Soles is about.

From the people who expertly cut the soles of our shoes to the highly
talented people who sew our individual product bags - everyone has a
valued story. Some of our team are employed directly through us, but most
of the faces behind your Brave Soles are contracted suppliers, able to set their
own prices, hours and location of work.

We consider them to be our partners in every way.

Together, we consult and create throughout the entire process of production.


Kindness to the earth through sustainable practices


        We believe that we need to start with what we can change and strive to get better every step along the way. Our shoe soles are made with 100% skilled human power, made in natural daylight, and do not involve any chemical processes.

      Our leather is sourced in Dominican Republic, as well as from Argentina and Mexico. We are doing our best to continue to move the bar forward on some of our items through using up-cycled leather that is sourced from the remnants of furniture makers, airplane seats, and other industries with usable leather.

      We are also seeking to use alternative materials on some of our upcoming items, including vegetable dyed leather, vegan leather and other options.

    However, one thing we are completely committed to is to have our processes monitored by a third party. We are proud to partner with Green Story and to have 100% transparency in what is currently measurable.

A rubber car tire in the middle of a garbage site in the Dominican Republic before it becomes upcycled into Brave Soles leather shoes.

Two feet in the air wearing women's upcycled leather sandals by Brave Soles.

Our job is to give you peace of mind


Change happens when we first think differently about the power of our individual choices.

We want to prove to you, time and again, that you don't need to feel conflicted between beautiful style and ethical fashion choices. There's a better, more beautiful way that we call, "Conscious Fashion".

We can choose to feel good about what we buy and wear.


We are a company of people just like you.
We love fashion, but we love people and the earth's future even more.

Together, we can inspire each other with how to continually innovate our thinking around what's possible.