A Note from Christal  


of the first things you learn when you are building a brand is to think about what your positioning statement will be.

A positioning statement is built on how you want your product to be perceived and, ultimately, on what is going to set you apart from other brands. A true positioning statement isn’t about how your brand is against something else, it’s about what your brand is about and how you show up. Period.

These days I am thinking about the positioning statement in a whole new way. I am thinking about it for who I am.

I think this could be helpful for you, too.

Please allow me to quickly explain …

Seven months ago, I wrote a blog about the power of gratitude. It was after a 10.5 year journey to bring my daughter to Canada. (There is a book in the works, so I will keep the details until then 😉 ) 

However, when I wrote that blog about gratitude, there was no way I could have ever imagined that almost eight months later, our world would be here.
Or that my own story would be far from neat and tidy, as well.

But this isn’t about me, this is about us. All of us.

Personally, we all have war wounds these days. From uncertainty to loss, there is a lot we could be pointing to. Globally, it can also feel like we are walking with a stumbling gait, trying to make sense of what we are waking up to every day.

The only effective way I have found to keep my emotions in check in moments of uncertainty is to simply use the one thing I have that never leaves me: my ability to generate gratefulness.

To generate something means to "cause something to arise or come out". Essentially, it means that something can only be generated if we already acknowledge its existence in the first place.

Being grateful doesn’t start out at feeling grateful.
Nor does it mean that I take solace that “at least I don’t have it as bad as someone else” or “I guess this is as good as it will get”.

It starts at simply choosing it.

Because, being grateful is a positioning statement.

It’s about taking control of my life and my thoughts and for even one brief moment in time, acknowledging what I can appreciate about where I am, right now.
When you wake up in the morning and the anxiety of the day ahead threatens to knock you back over (hypothetically speaking, of course 🤭 ) there is a moment we have to choose something to anchor ourselves to.
So, personally, I start small. And some days, it’s really, really small. Like how “luxuriously fluffy my pillow is” kind of small. Then I move to something bigger. Like, I appreciate that I had somewhere safe to sleep. That I am loved. That I have made it this far (this is a big one, some days!)
Sound crazy? Try it and judge for yourself.

Gratefulness is not a magic elixir to get what we want, but it works like magic to elevate my line of sight from the obstacle or unwanted thing in front of me and provides me with the opportunity to recognize expansive possibilities around it.

Ultimately, gratefulness has given me the ability to gain control of my life by gaining control of what I focus on. I can focus on what I can’t control and no one is going to be able to stop me.

Except me.

Starting small is always the way to begin to take on something big.

Being grateful is my positioning statement and it has worked for me, over and over again.

It can do the same for you.

And for the record, we are grateful for you. Yes, your purchases help us to continue and yes, we are a business. But there's more to all of this, isn't there?

In fact, together, we get to build the kind of world we want to share with our choices, our actions and our hope-filled dreams. 

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