Our Dominican Production Team Members


Today, the 24th of April is also the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse that killed over 1100 workers in a clothing factory, injuring 2200 more. Most of them were women. 

This was one of the biggest industrial accidents in our known history. Yet, time has moved on and still many things in fashion have been slow to change and get better. 
Sometimes the phrase, "sustainable fashion" can seem austere or out of the grasp for many of us to completely embrace. Although we see the value in what is being made, it may seem too out of reach for many to fully embrace. 

This year, we are proud to talk about what IS possible for all of us: the ability to simply continue to make better and better choices. When grace triumphs over judgement, anything is possible. 

At Brave Soles, we believe that all of us are creating and adding to the story of what's possible for us to build in the fashion industry. And we can do that, together. 

You deserve to know the story behind what you own and what you support. From how it is sourced, made and managed all along the way. This year, due to the pandemic, social distancing and shelter in place protocols, we were unable to get updated photos of our Dominican production team in action at our workplace. 

So instead, we asked some of them for photos of their families in action at home. The result was a great family photo and squirming kids while they waited for it to be over with :)

Scania and her family

Scaniais the manager of our Dominican administration. 

She normally wears many hats. However like many moms all over the world, her main hat right now is being home with her kids while the country is in total social isolation protocol. 

For Scarnia, this is actually a relief. Her young son, Sebastián, was diagnosed with pneumonia mid-March. Due to his vulnerable health, she had already been planning on working from home.

Scarnia has three kids and has raised them completely on her own. Like many single mothers around the world, she has often had to make the difficult decisions of being able to be with her kids or find work somewhere that keeps her away from home much of the time. 

Juggling two worlds is something that many of us can relate to and she is one of those women that seems to manage it with ease. Her commitment to Brave Soles is truly inspiring and her ability to juggle two worlds with grace and ease is what makes us proud.

Bernardis the head of our tire soles team.

Bernard and his family are also sheltering in place. His wife, Wenchelle, is a teacher and so she is continuing with keeping their son and daughter on track during this shutdown.

(For the record, his daughter is a shoe lover!)

Bernard and Wenchelle have family in Haiti that they are concerned for, and like many of us separated from loved ones all over the world at this time, they simply do what they can to help them and stay in touch. 

Bernard Phiseus

Alfredois our tire production team member.

He and his wife, Christal (yes, spelled exactly the same as our founder) have 5 kids.

Their family is Haitian and they live in a community that is 6 km away from our production shop. They also have family back in Haiti that they are concerned for, as well.

Their kids are also ready to move on with life and get back to school, but they are making the most of their time right now, too.

When we asked Alfredo and his wife what they are drawing on right now for strength, they talked of their faith in God and that there are going to be better days ahead. 

We agree with them: there are going to be better days ahead for all of us and that we are in this together. 

To find out more about Fashion Revolution Week and learn how you can make your choices matter, download the Fashion Revolution 2020 action guide.

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