Good People Doing Good Things:
Sitti Soap

Noora Sharrab and Jaqueline Sofia, founders of Sitti Soap


is something that's on all of our minds these days. 

Now, more than ever, we are realizing how important it is to our daily life and our future.

For Noora Sharrab and Jacqueline Sofia, olive oil soap has become the vehicle they can use to help create a better future for artisans in the Jerash “Gaza” Refugee Camp in Jordan.

As part of our Good People Doing Good Things series, we asked them to help us understand why we should care about what Sitti Soap Company is doing. 

Their answer will inspire you...

Good for the skin and great for the people who make it. 

[Si'-TEE], which means my grandma in Arabic, is a social enterprise that aims to empower and restore hope to refugee women through the making of olive oil soap and other timeless products. Sitti was inspired by the co-founders' grandmothers and how they used to make soap.

In 2014, Noora Sharrab and Jacqueline Sofia began working with a motivated group of women in Jordan’s Jerash “Gaza” Refugee Camp to build the foundation for a social enterprise that would educate, employ and empower the community’s women and girls. The way they decided to do it is through working with skills that many of the women in that area already had in making olive oil soap.

Today, Sitti maintains its commitment to providing fair wage employment to its all-female staff, as well as providing financial and in-kind support to several beneficiary programs that contribute towards the enterprise’s social mission.

The Sitti product line, which began with a signature square bar of handmade, cold-pressed olive oil soap, has since grown to a line of 10+ popular skincare and home good items; including curated products through partnerships with ethical brand names.

"Our mission is to combat employment inequality for women in refugee communities through education, employment and empowerment."  ~ Noora Sharrab

Through their opportunities and programming, Sitti is helping their team to lift themselves out of poverty through higher education and sustainable employment.

In the days ahead and with the pandemic in place, Sittie is focusing on ensuring that no one on the ground level is impacted with job loss as a result.

We are proud to be friends with Sitti Soap and to be able to share why we love what they do.
Here are some of our favourite products.

Sitti and Millie
Sitti Gift Box

Siitti and Millie Gift Box

This exclusive Limited Edition: Sitti x Millie Gift Box allows you to directly contribute to the Hopes for Women in Education scholarship fund for refugee women in Jordan.

Sitti Black Wooden Gift Box
This box includes: one large Sitti natural soap, one large Sitti loofah soap, one snow-shaped Olive Oil Soap, one Oak Wooden Soap Dish, one pack of 250g of Olive Oil Soap flakes, and a Sitti Information card.


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