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is  about what's important to you. It's less about fashion and more about how you see the world and the part you play in it all.

Personal style can also be a way to champion values, human rights, and leaving a better world to those who come behind us. 

Sarah Peel, co-founder of Citizenne Style, is on a mission to help women discover something that goes much deeper than the clothes we choose. It's about considering your own life mission and why it's important. 

Why Should Anyone Care About Sustainable Fashion?

Information is useful and necessary, but change happens when people decide they actually care about how they feel about what they own. 

When we feel connected to what we own, everything changes. 

We live in a time in history where it's really easy to be completely disconnected from our choices and the power that they have. After all, if we don't know anything about the people who made our clothes, it's difficult to imagine having anything in common with them or a shared interest in the future.

The bigger question remains: is there a way to affect change through individual lives?

Citizenne Style was born out of a desire to inspire change rather than just talk about it. 

From 2009 to 2018, Sarah  worked with Fashion Takes Action doing whatever needed to get done to run a small but nimble social enterprise in sustainable fashion. Her main joy was managing a team of workshop leaders and teaching the ‘My Clothes My World’ program to over 9000 students in the Greater Toronto Area. 

It was out of this experience and the relationships built around it that a new idea began to emerge. 

The idea of style being a tool to transform lives and society for good is not a new concept. However, their focus on inner lives and finding joy in the diversity in choices that we can all make is refreshing.

That diversity is not just age, gender or race, but also personal choices and helping people learn little by little how to make better choices and why those choices matter.

"We feel that everyone has their particular approach to a sustainable wardrobe. There is no one way to do it. Brands can be seen in the same way. We do not support the laggards, but we can celebrate brands that are demonstrating progress.
We approach a sustainable wardrobe as something that we do because it brings us joy (we do share the truth of our impacts on the planet and people, but we don't dwell on this all the time. We dwell on positive action.)"

And, right now is a great time to dig deeper into that for all of us.

In the middle of this pandemic, Citizenne is focusing on their Citizenne At Home challenge.  It's a holistic 2-week Life & Style Challenge to help women thrive during the pandemic and adjust to the "new normal". All while going deeper into what is important to them and the world. During the challenge, participants are invited to take a look into self-care, budgeting and even decluttering, all with style, clothing and ethical shopping  woven through everything.

citizenne style

This blog is part of a series we are doing here at Brave Soles called "Good People Doing Good Things." 

It takes courage to stay the course and stay true to your values and vision.  Now, more than ever, we believe in the power of raising our voices, passion and attention to GOOD PEOPLE DOING GOOD THINGS.

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