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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Hit “Add to Cart”

By Gabi Garrett from Givz

Want to make better shopping choices?
Us, too. So, no matter where you are shopping, here's a 5-question flow that may support you with your next buying decision:

1. Does this company support my values?

This is a great indicator if you are comparing prices, or multiple competitors. If one company you are considering is aligned with your values, chances are you will feel much better making your purchase because you understand where the profits are going, and that your money is making an impact.

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2. Does this company support ethical working environments?

This is a simple “yes, or no” question, but can often be something that adds layers of research to your buying process. This can be a great thing if you want to slow down impulse purchasing!If you are considering a dress that looks like a great low price, we suggest checking in to see how that low, low price became available, then proceeding on with your merry buying.

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    3. Do they give back to causes I care about?

    If the purchase you are making is going to support causes you care about, it’s a very easy “yes!” to us.

     At Givz, we empower Shopify merchants to donate a % or dollar amount of each sale to the charities their customers choose, which you may have seen as you check out at Brave Soles.

    4. What will I replace by bringing this into my home?

    If you are upgrading an item, it can be nice to ask yourself: who in my community would benefit from the item I am replacing? If it’s very worn, what’s best for recycling it?This simple flow can help you declutter while bringing new, quality items into your home.

    5. How will this impact the world? Myself included?

    Lastly, but perhaps most important of all… how does your purchase impact others and yourself?If you purchase a pair of Brave Soles shoes, you can see the impact train here:

    • You now have a nice pair of quality shoes, made of upcycled tires
    • You are supporting a woman owned store
    • You will receive 10% back to donate to a charity of your choice through Givz
    • You can donate your old pair of shoes
    • You are supporting a small-business!

    We hope these 5 questions will provide insight into your shopping and make it more enjoyable! For more info on Givz, please visit us here.

    Gabi Garrett

    Gabi Garrett is the editorial and content manager for Givz. She has been published over 500 times and enjoys working with Givz's customers to make a bigger impact on the daily.

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