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Got Tired Feet? Here's Three Quick Ways to Refresh Them.

Our feet are easy to forget, until they remind us that they need some love. 

When it comes to self care, sometimes our feet are the last thing we remember. Yet, our feet navigate so much of the world for us.

They keep us steady and allow us to navigate the world.

They are also often the first ones to take the bumps and bruises along the way.

They walk thousands of miles, climb countless steps, and hit hard ground, over and over again, for long days at work and play.

But have you ever considered how simple acts of love for your feet can also help your emotional state, bringing relief to tired and weary soles (see what we did there 😎)?

 According to science, paying some attention to your tired feet not only makes them feel good, but it has the potential to ease stress, lower other pain you may feel, improve your circulation, and even help you feel some endorphins to boost your mood. Who doesn't want a little bit of all that good stuff, right?

Here's three ways you can ease your tired feet and give yourself boost within minutes. They are free, can be done anywhere, and there is no previous experience required!

1. Legs-up-the-wall-pose (Viparita Karani)

Feeling stressed, fatigued, or jet lagged? You will love this pose.

In fact, it's so simple that you may be tempted to doubt how many benefits it has for your feet and body. 

Legs-up-the-wall pose can alleviates headaches, boost energy, soothe cramps and relieve lower-back pain. 

Think about it as doing less to get more out of life. This pose is all about doing the exact opposite of trying to fix something. It's all about loving where you are and relaxing into it. 

And, for the bonus, your feet and legs will thank you over, and over again. 

Woman in yoga legs up the wall pose

2. Give your feet a vinegar soak.

Yes, that's right, we said, "vinegar". 

Vinegar has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help slow foot fungus, prevent foot odor, and soothe dry feet.

A warm soak after a long day is fabulous for you and your feet.

It's easy to get, easy to use, and accessible for all of us. 

Wondering if you will walk around smelling like a pickle factory after? No worries! The vinegar smell will dissipate as soon as the vinegar is dried from your feet. And, if you want, you can even add essential oils to the soak for good measure and peace of mind ;)

3. Give yourself a foot massage. 

Woman giving herself a foot massage

A simple foot massage can activate your nervous system, giving you the feel good endorphins that help navigate anxiety, stress, and even pain. 

You can do it anywhere, anytime. Here's how:

Step 1. Sit in a chair or on a bed, and put one of your feet on top of your opposite thigh.

Step 2. Hold the front of your ankle with one hand. Then pinch the back of your ankle with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand and pull down toward your heel. This relaxes your Achilles tendon, which can get especially tight from exercise, standing for long periods of time, and wearing high heels.

Step 3. Use your thumb to make small circles from the bottom of your heel up to the base of each of your toes. You can also knead the bottom of your foot by pressing your knuckles into it. Or hold your foot with both hands and press your thumbs directly into the bottom of your foot, working from the heel up to just beneath your toes.

Step 4. Finish by rotating each toe lightly. When you're all done, switch feet.

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