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"Giving Tuesday" is Really About This One Thing

November 27th is known online as, "Giving Tuesday". It's a day that has come to be when non profits encourage shoppers to counter their post-Black-Friday commercial rush with a little bit of charitable generosity.

I like that idea.

However, I am also a big fan of giving every other day of the week - because giving isn't about money.

Giving is actually about kindness.

The opportunity to choose kindness will show up in the most unlikely of ways. Being kind is just as much about considering your habits as it is about helping little old ladies across the street. 

Kindness can be about owning up to your choices and acknowledging that they really do have the power to make a difference.

Recently on the IDEAS podcast, I heard well known environmentalist Graham Saul talk about how environmentalism has a message problem. As in, there is not one cohesive message that we all can understand and rally around when it comes to the environment. 

I agree.

Some people are focused on forests, while others are focused on how we use resources. All of them are equally important, but not all of them are treated as such. 

That's why, since the first day we launched, I believed in the core of my being that Brave Soles had to be built on kindness.

Kindness to people and planet is not just a nice thought; it's a call to justice and equality. We all deserve equal access to being treated with dignity and respect; whether that be towards humans, animals or the earth we share. 

To live and choose kindness is to truly draw a line in the sand that serves as a notice to how we are going to live and show up in this world.

This Giving Tuesday, we want to call you to make a kind choice. Perhaps that choice results in some of your financial resources going towards a charity you care about. That's great.

However, it may also mean that you are going to consider how to make kinder choices, as well.

Maybe it means both.

But do yourself a favour, okay? 

Do something today that reminds you that your choices matter. 

Because they do. 




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Does Your Challenge Seem Beyond Your Control?

Does Your Challenge Seem Beyond Your Control?

I have come to realize that the opposite of feeling hopeless is not to simply feel hopeful. Hope is relying on something outside of yourself that is still beyond your control. Although it helps us to dream of something different, we can’t co-create our world or future with hope alone. Hope is an ideal to hold out when we want something to happen. 

However, choosing the next step that is within your power to take is how change actually begins to happen. 

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The Three Why's Behind our Upcycled Tire Soles

The Three Why's Behind our Upcycled Tire Soles

In Brave Soles, we want to create ways for your choices to matter.

We love beauty. And the only true beauty that exists in our world is the kind of beauty that provides dignity to others and honours the world we all share. 

We can’t stop the world from needlessly consuming things overnight. But you and I can make changes that help it right now. 

For us, one of those places is with the possibilities in recycled tires.

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