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Learning to Live More Sustainably

Learning to Live More Sustainably

Learning to live more sustainably is a journey we are all on. We invited some of our community to share what their journey is starting to look like. 

This is Cameron's story...

As humans we evolved like any other animal on this planet. We are part of a circle of life, death, and rebirth. Besides our skeletal remains and a few fragments, we leave very little trace of where we were, what our cultural beliefs were, what our hopes and dreams were, or what our daily life was like.

We were simply humans.

Today it is so easy to get caught up in…well, life as we know it. We go through the motions and our brains are so scattered by the complexity of our daily lives that we forget to stop and breathe. We forget where we came from and how we got to where we are now.

We forget the basics such as, without our soft footprints on the earth we wouldn’t be standing in a supermarket scrolling through Pinterest for dinner recipes.

Sustainability isn’t a decision, it’s a compilation of moments:

  • It’s the moment that you reach for detergent and decide to look at the label
  • It’s the decision to pass up ‘fast fashion’ for higher quality pieces that were made with love, integrity, and ethical practices.
  • It’s moments of realizing that regardless of where we are today we are all still connected to one another and to this earth.   

No one is perfect and my journey of living more sustainably is simply that, a journey.

Traveling around the world has made me aware of the impact my life can have on others and the planet.

I’ve walked through slums and seen how people born in the cycle of poverty barely survive.

I’ve talked to women in rural Uganda who were given microloans for their small businesses and seen how because of that loan their families are healthier and their children are given the opportunity for education.

I’ve walked down the streets of Senegal during a garbage strike and realized how a beautiful world can quickly be made inhospitable by our waste.

So, as I move forward in my life I try to take more meaningful steps, I stop and think, ask questions and make educated decisions. I first ask myself, do I really need to buy this? We can easily get caught up in the consumer world and forget to live simply and with purpose.

I then look for companies whose practices make the world a better place; whether that be ethical work environments, recycled materials, carbon-neutral power in production facilities, natural ingredients, no testing on animals, etc. It allows me to purchase products that make me feel good about the world around me and I love that I can support these businesses whose values align with mine.

While I can’t reach out and lift everyone out of poverty, or clean all the plastic waste out of the oceans, I can make ethical choices to support those who are working to do just that.

I can make a little corner of the world a better place.

It is the collection of these thoughtful moments that will allow us to give back to the earth that has so graciously allowed us to become the humans we are today.


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