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Celebrate the Good:
Meet Some of the Faces Behind Sustainable Modest Fashion

Our intern, Tawheed Musa, shares her inspirations for sustainable modest fashion.

One thing I love about fashion is its multitude of forms. From sneakers to blouses. From streetwear to the gothic scene. Fashion is so diverse, malleable, and expressive.

As a Black Muslim woman, my fashion revolves around modesty. Long, loose-fitted clothing that covers my whole body (excluding my face and hands). I’d describe it as free and relaxing. Dresses, skirts, cardigans, wide-leg bottoms, and any oversized shirts, sweaters, or hoodies.

With modest fashion, you can still look fly—just with a little extra fabric 😉  Even though it may not be much additional material that makes modest fashion modest, sustainability—of any aspect—is important.

Just like the fashion industry as a whole, the impacts modest fashion has when sustainability is not implemented also has environmental consequences.  Check out these amazing brands and how they help modest fashion lovers as well as you through helping our environment.

Here are a few small modest fashion businesses that I absolutely love because they always put in the extra effort to make sustainability the forefront of their products and operations.


1.Haute Hijab

Every Tuesday, Haute Hijab drops a limited collection of vintage scarves that are made from repurposed materials.
Each drop includes chiffon scarves made from deadstock fabrics, bamboo woven hijabs produced from ethically-sourced bamboo fiber, and sport hijabs crafted from coffee beans (crazy right?!).

Muslim woman wearing pink sustainable jersey hijab. she is looking directly into the camera.

MyKaftan is based in Dubai and aims to represent the East & the West in the designs of its modest clothing. The founder, Vasilisa Kozhemiako, reenforces sustainability through her brand’s involvement with the Slow Fashion Movement. In other words, MyKaftan does not mass produce their products which allows for less waste to be produced and causes less harm to the environment.

The Big Idea Circular Economy Course

3. Headed Somewhere

Headed somewhere lifestyle shot of women standing, walking, and one woman is in a wheelchair. They are all wearing jeans and white shirts and variety of head coverings

Headed Somewear is more than a clothing brand. It’s an organization that highlights diversity.

Every women, especially Black, plus-sized, and disabled women who don’t always find themselves represented in fashion, can see themselves in Headed Somewear.

The brand’s Preserve Collection is a line of products created to spread the message of climate change and global warming. $1 is donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for every purchase that is made from the collection.

Tawheed MusaIs a creative industries student in Toronto Metro University. She is a writer, content creator, and sustainable fashion lover. She is currently based in Aukland, New Zealand. 
Her work and creative fingerprint can be found all over Brave Soles' social media and projects 🙂

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