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Here's Why We Admire Amy Brand

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Each member of our Indie Sales Team is diverse and inspiring with a unique and insightful way of looking at their world. Amy Brand, a Canadian that has replanted in Switzerland, is our newest team member...

Hello! I am a Canadian living in Switzerland with my Swiss husband and our two kids.
I run my own small beauty studio with a view of the Alps from home called Sugar Beauty Therapy. Mostly I do makeup, nails, and other cosmetic treatments, but I also enjoy painting and creating anything nice.
For me, it all falls under the category of “beauty therapy” :)
I have known Christal (our co-founder) for a long time, and have always admired the ways she has taken action to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I immediately loved the easy-going designs of the Brave Soles products and felt drawn to the idea of using fashion to do something good for the world.

My own path has taken many unexpected turns. One of the biggest turns was being diagnosed with Breast Cancer two years ago. 

I went through a fast and furious treatment of 8 rounds of chemotherapy in 8 weeks. This was followed by a 9-hour surgery to remove my ovaries and remove and reconstruct my breasts.
However, I am incredibly proud and grateful to say that I’m fine and back to normal life!
The BRCA1 gene mutation runs in my family. That's why I am proud of our many survivors and previvors kicking cancer’s butt... and then calmly picking themselves up and going on with living their lives.

I am inspired by people who take responsibility for their own happiness. People who take their focus off the negatives in life (we all have them) and choose to be joyful and thankful are the kind of people I like to be around and work with.

If we fill our own lives with happiness, it’s bound to spill over and have a positive effect on others too.
Like many of the people reading this, I have a dream for the next generation. That they will use their strengths and passions to work hard at something that makes them feel fulfilled. I think if people can feel good about their own lives, they are less likely to find fault in other people’s lives and are more likely to live in harmony.
I truly feel that there is something for everyone with the variety that Brave Soles provides. Everyone who enjoys looking stylish, while feeling comfortable will love Brave Soles!
I really am passionate about Brave Soles. The shoes and accessories are beautiful. I also really feel that making a positive impact on the environment is a powerful part of our story. However, the way Brave Soles enables ordinary people to help change the lives of more vulnerable people is the most beautiful thing to me.

Amy's favorite items? 

"I absolutely love the Jasmines! They’re as smooth as butter and so comfy I can wear them all day. I also love the Kristina clutch, it has such an effortless chicness about it."
Interested in learning more about joining our Indie Sales Team? Click here and get your questions answered!

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