Five Common Questions We are Being Asked Right Now

We love questions. Sometimes they are random, sometimes they are crazy. But most of the time, they are just good, common sense questions about everything from sizing to what our plans are for using different materials in the future. 

We recently took the time to distill the most common questions down to five and thought we would share them with you. The list may seem random, but you may have wondered some of the same things and we want to let you know that you aren't alone...and that we are listening :)

Here are our recent most common questions answered by Christal, our founder.

1Who are the people that create your products?
All of our items have their own unique journey from their beginning to end. 

The soles of our shoes are cut directly from tires and crafted by hand in our workshop on the north coast of Dominican Republic. The team that works with us there varies from time to time, but we have a core team of producers who source and cut our soles that we work with consistently.

The tops of our sandals are completed at a partner workshop in Santiago, Dominican Republic. 

Our accessories come from a few different suppliers and they are located in both Puerto Plata and Santiago. 

Brave Soles Suppliers

2I want to get more involved in helping to educate and inspire people to think differently about their choices. What do you suggest?

You can't see me right now, but if you could, you would see my face light up. This is what I love!

I started out many years ago working with young adults and creating motivational presentations in high schools and universities around the world with Live Different. One of the things I have noticed to be true is that the only way change ever really starts and sticks for any of us is when we break it down into easy, definable pieces that we can repeat, over and over again.

Everyone has a platform to influence and chances are, you are carrying it around with you everywhere you go (ie.your smart phone). Start there and start to share and talk about what inspires you and what you are proud to be supporting.

There are so many great movements and people doing great things in the world that there is no shortage of ways to get involved. The most authentic is by using your voice and influence to challenge and invite others to think differently about their choices and options. 

Brave Soles Carolina Purse

3Is Brave Soles a charity?

Nope, we are not a charity. We are an enterprise focused on social good.

For us that means keeping track of our impact on the earth, taking care of people and giving our customers the chance to share in that journey.

Everything we do is funded by our sales and activities. We work with charities in both Canada and the Dominican Republic through our affiliate programs. 

Brave Soles Staff

4Where do you recommend someone starts when they want to shop for their closet more sustainably but need to be mindful of cost?

Start with what you know, and go from there.What choices are important to you: materials? cost? story behind the brand?

I like to call this this the, "Thanks, I got it ____" when someone asks, "Hey, I love those - where did you get them?" question.

Instead of saying, "Thanks, it was cheap!" imagine how good it would feel to say, "Thanks, I love them, too and you should hear the story behind this brand!"

Brave Soles Edwin Wallet

5When are you going to start making vegan products?

This is a great question and one that we are actively seeking to figure out.

Our production is very small scale and we have started experimenting with some vegan "leathers" to see what will work for us.

Although we can't say our launch date for sure yet, we can give you a hint: we plan on it involving  fruit from the most unlikely of places!

Brave Soles LInda Sandals

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